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We even drove through the clouds and once above them could see the ocean again. It was cold at the top and unfortunately it was foggy inside the crater of the dormant volcano. We saw hundreds of brave tourists who paid to ride up the mountain in a van and ride down the mountain on a bicycle. We did not choose that adventure. While on Maui, we took a catamaran trip on the Trilogy to Lanai. Lanai was formerly known as the “pineapple island”. Dole moved their pineapple business to Thailand where labor is cheaper about ten years ago. The island is now sparsely inhabited by native Hawaiians and has one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen. Bill Gates got married there. Sailing on a catamaran took a few hours so there was plenty of time to absorb the wonderful scenery in the mean time. When we arrived, we were taken on the tour of the island and allowed to play and snorkel on a very secluded beach.

On the way back the ocean was a lot rougher than when we left. I was on a bench in the front of the catamaran over one of the two keels when a huge wave hit the side of the boat causing me to get soaking wet. Everyone cheered and my parents took a picture. One evening we went to a luau at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. It was a great experience. The staff demonstrated how to open a coconut the traditional way and how to blow a conch shell. We ate a roast pig that had been cooked under hot coals and palm leaves in the sand all day. They put on a great show that night which included fire dancers and hula dancers. They also explained what the music and the movements meant in the Hawaiian culture. It was very interesting. There were many other things that were different from Nebraska.

The Hawaiian alphabet has only 13 letters. That’s why so many words sound and look alike. Don’t call the mainland “the United States” when someone asks where you are from. Hawaii is the 50th state. “Aloha” means hello and goodbye. An obscene looking gesture with your thumb and pinky finger hanging down means “hang loose” and is used freely as a greeting. People honor their dead by leaving food and flowers along the highways instead of a white cross. They believe their dead need food for their journey. There is no graffiti on walls or bridges, people use white stones to spell out words and place them on the black lava. There are hieroglyphic drawings in caves and in the old lava fields that look a lot like the drawings left by Native Americans in Arizona. As I look back at this vacation it stands out as being my favorite. My favorite things were swimming with the fish and turtles, bodysurfing on the many beautiful beaches, and of course the wonderful luau we had on Maui. The only drawback to this trip for me was the long, nonstop flight over and back with limited leg room. Next time I will go first class. And my parents reminded me that next time I will have to pay my own way. And I will be glad to do that, because Hawaii has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth! 10 per page. You can order a custom essay on Hawaii now!

Be sure the child knows what “finished” means, both at school and at home. For instance, a homework assignment is not truly “done” until it is turned in to the teacher at school. While homework turn-in boxes (static) are commonly found in elementary school, they all but vanish during middle and high school years when even the act of turning in homework becomes dynamic. Make sure your students know where to turn in homework. Also, parents should save big celebrations for completed projects until the assignments are actually turned in. Some students may need reminder systems set up to make sure work is turned in on time. Visual notes, PDA messages or watch timers can be used to help. This is a message we need to constantly reinforce with our spectrum students. Whether students are using organizational skills for homework, doing chores, preparing for a weekend activity or something as simple as getting a snack, as children grow and develop, tasks become increasing complex and dynamic with each passing year. Teachers and parents need to work together in identifying and teaching any or all of the 10 steps mentioned in this article that are problematic for the spectrum child.