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Also the scope of this hub extends to the functions kola nut plays which will be discussed. Nevertheless, the events of Oji festival which the scope covers which comprises the preparation, celebration, presentation of Oji and the essence of the Oji festival are all included in the scope of this hub. We now look into the definition of the key concepts of this topic. Oji (kola nut) has great importance attached to it in Ezinihitte and the whole Igboland in general. Oji (kola nut) plays an important part in the culture of the Igbos. The African, therefore, from youth undergoes a socialization process which make him well- disposed towards his fellow kinsmen. The values associated with the hospitality function of kola nut can be put across as Onuora Nzekwu postulated. On this discussion we don’t have to forget that kola nut has different species. We have cola Acuminate (Oji Igbo) and cola nitida (Oji gworo) cola Acuminata (Oji Igbo) is the only kola nut that is used for sacrifice.

As a result of culture contact the Ezinihitte people can receive a guest by offering him cola nitida (Oji gworo) cola Acuminata (Oji Igbo) plays a significant role in rituals especially when it has four cotyledons. But it (Oji Igbo) does not play a very important commercial role among the Igbos. Cola nitida (Oji Igbo). Secondly, we consider festival which is also another key concept. As the name implies, this is a celebration of a feast on a day. The oxfords English dictionary define it as ‘’A time of festive celebration, a festal day. Also occasionally, a festive celebration, merrymaking’’. This definition now unfold an aspect of oji festival in Ezinihitte, a festival celebration marked by its merry making among children, adults and the aged. This celebration is held on the 1st of January each year, before the celebration takes off, there are always preparations made in-wait for the great feast. The first formal preparation was done by ’Ndi Eze Ezinihitte’ (Ezinihitte traditional ruler), chiefs and Ndi Nze. As the celebration of the get- together usually rotates among the component towns on the principle of seniority of descendance.

The oba oji Ezinihitte (kola nut saucer of Ezinihitte) also rotates from the community where it was held to the next community to hold it. Ezinihitte from the Eze who held it last at the boundary of Eze’s community. This receives of oba oji is followed by sixteen (16) gun salute (canon short). This is followed by the handing over of the oba oji Ezinihitte to the hosting community by the Ndi Eze, chiefs and Ndi Nze at the host’s place and acknowledged by another sixteen (16) gun salute, (canon shoot). According to the 1976 program of event the above is the first step in the preparation activity. Following this is ‘’the inspection tour of the hosting community by Ndi Eze (traditional rulers)’’. This is to satisfy themselves that the hosting community had no existing trouble that could hinder the celebration in their town. The preparation ceremony also involves the cleaning and arrangement of canopies and sits by the central age- grade in that community and this done in their market square. All these preparation are done for the oji celebration day.