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Many problems facing education field now days. Students are satisfied or not on their education it is need to analyze. Major issues in the education system and face many schools and colleges like include excessive class sizes, harassment, and student health and teachers performance. Other key issues include increased shortage, the family problem like high divorce rates, and the growing gap between teachers and students that effect in the performance of study, reports Public School Review. Class room is the place where students spent their large time in a day. Students mind also make in danger situation due to the school’s bad experience. Some of them are addict in some alcoholic product. Only teachers and parents can make right way. Some students are not confident in their study like stressed in their academic writing tasks. Best dissertation writing service can make it easy. Best dissertation writing services is give good help for writing good document. Some students are doing know which are Best dissertation writing services. Other issues is expression of violence have increased in the society. This also affect to the education and limiting access of nourishing food and stable environment also some issues. Single-mother households are affecting the children’s life as becoming a new norm and domestic violence makes an issue. The ability to concentrate the result is negatively affected by chaotic home lives. Teachers have found children as young as coming to school carrying weapons Schools has reacted decisively. Students mind can’t understand which is right and which one is wrong. Educators analyze that metal detectors alone will not solve the problem of the situation. Society must address these main issues that make children carry weapons like risky products. The Education system has more responsibilities about the students.

He was mountain climbing when his vice-presidency ended with McKinley’s assassination, and he won re-election after that term. After presidency, he went on an African safari to hunt big game, and then immediately toured Europe. Most of my patients come to see me because theyre desperate to get relief from some pain or disease – these are great motivators! But sometimes I get others who go through my health questionnaires for some other reason, and they invariably realize they had more health problems than they had thought. They either werent paying attention to them, or they had unknowingly lowered their standards to match their slowly eroding quality of life. So, even people who dont think they have any diseases still may not experience optimal wellness. Whats the difference between disease treatment and wellness? One means ignoring reality until a negative thing happens, then running from it. The other means envisioning a positive, and striving to attain it.

Our own experience teaches us how miserable a life is that consists of sticking our heads in the sand and then putting out fires. Hopefully, you also have some experience with making positive goals and achieving them, and the school of hard knocks has taught you its the better way. If you havent committed to wellness, created health goals, and arent striving to achieve them, then youre just waiting for your health to disappear. It’s supposed to be a secret but I’ll tell you anyway. We doctors do nothing. If you never changed the oil in your car, the engine wears on itself, and eventually can seize up beyond repair. The common sense of preventive measures is why we have schedule maintenance check-ups, 6 month dental cleanings, and yearly physicals. However, most medical checkups are too short, and are focused on disease, not wellness. They arent thorough enough to help you live in optimal health.

Im putting a lot of information in the Prevention and Optimal Living book Im writing. 5.What are some Examples of the Goals I want you to set for yourselves? The most important things you can change to improve your wellness are your eating habits, exercise, rest, and emotions. Im going to exercise 3 times per week, or even more primary: Im going to try every form of exercise I can until I find the ones I love to do. Im going to eat the foods that Chinese medicine says will balance out my patterns of imbalance. Im going to have a peaceful dinner with friends or family at least 3 times per week. All of these will help you achieve greater well being and prevent more disease. With persistence and discipline. Well never be perfect, so the most important thing is that you make progress. Another key is teamwork. If you find someone, a group of people, or even just one person who also wants to commit to well being, you can meet weekly to talk about your progress and help each other. If you have trouble during the week, you can call them. Just knowing there are others with the same purpose will refresh your enthusiasm. Cicero said, “Men decide far more problems by hate, love, sorrow, joy, hope, or fear, than by reality, authority, or any legal standard.” So, get to know what well being is, and learn to love it. Identify your unhealthy habits, and develop a seething hate, a real disgust for them. Healthy people like healthy people, so youre more likely to find love and romance when you nourish your own well being – unless youre looking for a really sick partner, or a partner who digs really sick people,. Think about what a pity it is that some people are killing themselves day after day, whether intentionally or out of ignorance, with their poor lifestyles.