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Okpoko (kingfisher) on the other hand, claimed that he was born when everywhere was water. This resulted in his finding no earth to bury his mother’s corpse when she died and he had to carry the corpse of his mother on his head to this day. When his father died also, the same situation led to his carrying the corpse in front of his neck, holding it with the jaw and chest and that accounts for his big head and chest”. By thus analysis, “Okpoko” proved to be older than Ogwumagala. This story gives a picture of time when the whole earth was full of water, while the story of Ogwumagala adds the presence of muddy land, and that of “Chukwu” as the creator of creatures and earth. Considering the role of myths to a people, one can see that really Ezinihitte people have a clear view of the origin of the world.

Considering also that a myth is a vehicle of a people’s authentic concepts of nature, we can then agree that the following are true about the conception of the origin of the world in Ezinihitte. The belief of the people of Ezinihitte can be intertwined with the above myth. Their belief that “Ihu Chineke Orieukwu” was the place where God (Chukwu) created man and earth and where all other people spread account for the “Emume Chineke Orieukwu” ceremony held every year. According to Chief J.N Amaefuleh “The sacred shrine of “Chineke Oriezukwu” is literally believed to be the “Garden of Edem of Ezinihitte”. Secondly, after the reformation of “Emume Chineke Orieukwu to Oji Ezinihitte which made it to be transformed into a more this, because many sons and daughters of Ezinihitte have embraced Christian and for the participation of all,this approval was made. So, we can see that the essence of this celebration is to come together as people who are from common parentage. In the words of Azuogu Ezeh he said “The creed of Ezinihitte is “Onyeaghala-Nwanneya” which is another way of expressing unity or collective effort”.

The Oji festival also creates a forum where Ezinihitte sons and daughter, home and abroad gather to look into problems facing this clan and how to alleviate these problems. Also, the essence of this festival is that it helps in preserving their cultural heritage which had been handed down to them from their fore-father, it is meant to preserve it then hand it over to their progeny in turn. It is because of this routine it is being that Ezinihitte is culturally inseparable. Ezinihitte has other famous cultures which include “The Abigbo dance, Ekpe dance, iri ji, Ahiajoku” etc. So, this festival plays a very important role in upholding the culture, customs and traditions of Ezinihitte. Furthermore, the festival helps in the eradication of all social ill in this clan. On this grand occasion the youths are being advised and enjoined to be vanguards in the complete eradication of evil in all ramifications in Ezinihitte.