Best Way To Solve Homework Assignments

This article advises student to do their homework and assignments in best way. Students need to understand what is asked in the assignment requirements, understand the concepts that are being tested, make sure referencing is correct and standard academic English is used. Homework and Assignments that you have to do as a student are very crucial aspect of your degree or certificate course that you are pursuing. Your assignments not only help you in completing your course but also a great way to learn the course objectives for which you are pursuing a particular course. There are some general tips that you have to keep in mind while working for your homework assignments. Firstly, read the guidelines given and questions asked very carefully in the assignment. You should understand whether you have to write report or essay, what is the word count, how many references are required, what key words that are asked in the questions or assignment are given.

This is very important that you address only what is asked in the assignment not moving tangential or writing completely out of the line. Please remember just completing the word count would not fetch you excellent grades, you have to write completely focusing over what is asked and what is required for addressing the given homework or assignment. Second, important point is that you should have a great understanding of the concepts involved in an assignment. For example, if you are doing a module related to strategic management and you have an assignment related to analyse the environment of IKEA. You should understand what is meant by the environment of IKEA and what the different models to analyse the environment of the company. You are expected to read thoroughly your standard text book for the module. Once you understand the concept, try to find data about the case given and how you can relate the data you find with the concepts and model related to analysing environment of a company. You should browse through some standard journal databases to find more information and data about your assignments. Thirdly, it is essential that there is no plagiarism in the work you do. Finally, it is very important that you write good standard academic language in your paper. There should be no jargons or colloquial used in your writing. There should also be no short form of words in your writing. Sentences should be small and should be very well framed. You should ensure that subject verb agreement is there and tenses are correctly used while writing your assignments. One shall try to write in active voice as much as possible. You should check your work two to three times before submitting for any language related errors. By following the above tips, we are sure that you would do great in your assignments and homework.

Tina was good in school but had no interest in going to college or working. Harry had a good job driving a truck for a food distribution company. In his spare time, he worked on other people’s cars. Harry was a good man and loved Tina, but he was very controlling. His father had died when he was 12, and being the oldest of three boys, he became the “man” of the family. His mother was in poor health and had been very dependent on his father. She had never even learned to drive, so Harry had to help his mother keep the family and home together. When Harry married Tina, he just naturally took over running their house. This was fine at first with Tina. She liked being the center of Harry’s attention, for she had gotten little in her large family. When Harry started working on cars at home, he kept her busy running into town to get parts and typing bills for his clients.

That got old after a while, for Tina felt like Harry was always ordering her around and showed little appreciation for her dedication to his side business. But she kept her mouth shut. She didn’t want to work and besides, eventually Harry had made enough for them to buy a comfortable home. Tine and Harry had twin daughters, and Harry doted on them. He was a controlling and authoritarian parent, but the girls loved him. And Tina was so soft-hearted that she could always temper Harry’s harshness. Two years ago, out of the blue, Harry was diagnosed with lymphoma, a deadly and fast-growing form of cancer. Tina was devastated. She could not imagine life without Harry. But she put so much energy into his treatment and taking care of him that she did not have time to worry about the future. Harry was not an easy patient. He had six surgeries and several periods of radiation. Tina drove him to and from these treatments. Between treatments and surgeries their home was a hospital.

Harry died a year to the day after his diagnosis. And it was just a year ago that Harry died. Tina had a rough time in the year after Harry’s death, but there was so much to take care of that she did not have time to worry. She smoked more and ate more. But as she told the girls, who worried about her, that helped her keep “body and soul” together. Harry had plenty of life insurance and Tina was able to sell his mechanic’s tools and equipment. Harry had credit life insurance on the house, so the mortgage was paid for. He also had great medical insurance, so there were no leftover medical bills – a burden to so many other widows. Tina considered herself fortunate. She still did not have to work. But now that the details of Harry’s death were taken care of, she found herself at loose ends after the girls left for school. A few weeks ago, it seemed as if her world had come crashing down on her. She had gone from her parents’ home to life with Harry. She had never been independent.