Beyond Madness discussion

The Beyond Madness webring consists of many internet sites concerning mental disorders.
Find a site in which a person gives a personal account of what it is like to have a mental disorder (choose one of the disorders described in the book) and go to that site. MAKE SURE THAT IT IS A NEW SITE, SOMETHING NO ONE HAS ALREADY CHOSEN. Read that person’s description of his or her experience and answer the following questions:
1. Tell us what you know about the person and what disorder is portrayed. REMEMBER TO CHOOSE A NEW SITE, SOMETHING NO ONE ELSE HAS CHOSEN ALREADY. What difficulties does that person have to cope with that most people do not What has it been like for that person to cope with mental disorder (3 points)
2. Does that person’s self-description fit with the description provided in the textbook Why or why not Be specific, detailed and GIVE PAGE NUMBER REFERENCES. (3 points)
3. What is your reaction to that person’s story What do you think it is like to be that person (4 points)