1. Bacteria are unsuitable for expression of some eukaryotic proteins, because:


  1. a) They lack a nuclear membrane
  2. b) They have a single chromosome
  3. c) They don’t perform all post-translational modifications
  4. d) They produce unsuitably stable proteins
  5. To successfully express a protein from a eukaryotic expression vector, the following is

NOT required.


  1. a) Selectable marker
  2. b) Ribosome binding site
  3. c) Strong eukaryotic promoter
  4. d) Termination sign
  5. The introduction of a recombinant DNA molecule into an organism (prokaryote or eukaryote) is called ————-?
  6. Why would a lab technician choose a bacterial artificial chromosome for cloning a gene, rather than a plasmid?
  7. Because the DNA insert is from genomic DNA and not plasmid DNA
  8. Because the insert to be cloned is very large.
  9. Because bacterial DNA will be used to make many copies of the gene (i.e., clone it).
  10. Because the gene insert will eventually be used to transform cells, meaning incorporate the gene into genomic DNA.


  1. Which statement is false regarding DNA libraries?
  2. A library is made using several different endonucleases.
  3. Each DNA fragment is cloned into a different bacterial cell.
  4. DNA sequences from the library are separated by base pair length before cloning into bacteria.
  5. The same gene can be present in fragments of different base pair length.
  6. A library is the sum of all sequences in genomic DNA.


  1. Which one of the following techniques is commonly used to quantify the level of mRNA in a sample tissue?
  2. Real time RT-PCR
  3. Western blot
  4. Far Western Blot
  5. Southern Blot
  6. RNAi is used for one of the following purposes.


  1. a) To disrupt a DNA
  2. b) To clone a particular gene
  3. c) To verify the function of a gene
  4. d) To produce a new gene



  1. In recent studies, a direct correlation was found between too much sitting and the development of various health conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some types of cancer. As the leading scientist in a related project, you must design a series of experiments that allows you to identify the gene(s) that play a role in the development of cancer. In your design provide an outline of the appropriate techniques and methods used for:

1) DNA library construction

2) Gene expression analysis

3) Target validation/functional characterization

4) Protein expression, including your choice of protein expression system