Black Feminist Theory Poetry

This should be a poem about Black Feminist and black lives as well. The instructions in the below. 1. Your poem should include:
a. Writer uses vivid words and phrases that paint a picture in the reader?s mind.
b. If mistakes in grammar and spelling are made it is clear that they were made on purpose to advance the poem. Other wise- no mistakes were made.
c. The writer seems to be writing from experience. The ideas are fresh and new!
d. The writer includes 12 or more lines.
e. NOTE: your poem will be graded on these four criteria.
2. This should be an original work using your creativity to develop the poem.
3. You may use words, phrases or statements from your recent assignments, class articles, internet searches, videos, etc.NOTE: The instructions below are to serve as an example of how you might go about writing your poem. You are not obligated to write your poem as stated here. This information is to serve as a guideline.
Instructions adapted from ?Found and Headline Poems? from Getting the Knack: 20 Poetry Writing Exercises by Stephen Dunning and William Stafford.
1. Highlight or underline details, words and phrases that you find particularly powerful, moving, or interesting. Note especially examples that reflect your philosophy, experiences, thoughts, ideas, concerns, emotions, etc. about black feminist theory.
2. Read aloud as you arrange the words! Test the possible line breaks by pausing slightly. If it sounds good, it?s probably right.
3. Arrange the words so that they make a rhythm you like. You can space words out so that they are all alone or all run together.
4. You can also put key words on lines by themselves.
5. Emphasize words by playing with boldface and italics, different sizes of letters, and so forth.
6. Look back over your list and cut out everything that is dull, or unnecessary, or that just doesn?t seem right for a poem about love. Try to cut your original list in half.
7. As you look over the shortened list, think about the tone that the details and diction convey. The words should all relate to black feminist theory, since you are creating a poem about this concept. Make sure that you have words that communicate your philosophy, experiences, thoughts, ideas, concerns and/or emotions.
8. Make changes necessary to create your poem. You can change punctuation and make little changes to the words to make them fit together (such as change the tenses, possessives, plurals, and capitalizations).
9. Read back over your edited draft one more time and make any deletions or changes.
10. Check the words and choose a title.