BRM/353 Team paper 100-150 words only.

Team Paper: Product/Brand Development: Phase II

Research a brand that recently faced a crisis. For example: issues related to labor relations, competition, litigation, minimum wage, bankruptcy, financial constraints, generational marketing, etc.
The team chose: Chipotle, they have had to close a few times now due to people getting sick.…
The following is the team breakdown: (Only Answer the one it says MY PART) within 100-150 words only.
Antoni– Summarize crisis and put paper together and submit
MY PART– Who dropped the ball/ how did it happen
Chris– How should the situation been handled
Kristi– How can WE avoid a similar situation
Kry– Prepare some sort of graph or table show direct correlation between revenue and crisis (loss of money or customer base).
Please ensure your responses are between 100-150 words each
Make sure to use in-text citation and list the reference you used to answer the question.
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