buin 2

Integrating Social Media Into a Marketing Plan


Although marketing can create immense pressure and competition, finding and establishing the right brand is possible if you create and follow an organization’s plan. In recent years, employers have begun to use the Internet and social media for establishing marketing programs for an organization. As background for this discussion, rely on this unit’s readings and the multimedia presentation, Defining Competitive Advantage. In addition, use your research skills to identify at least one additional peer-reviewed article on the use of social media in corporate marketing, and identify a commercial application intended to support the corporate use of social media marketing.

For your initial post in this discussion, address the following:

  • What do you see as the key differences between using social media and traditional media for corporate marketing?
  • What kinds of technologies might be useful when updating a marketing plan to include social media and web applications?

Share the URL and site name of the commercial application you found. Briefly explain how a company might use this application in their marketing efforts.