business intelligence project chapter 3

CH 1,2 are in the file.
Using the Business Intelligence Project you started in chapter 1, and added to in chapter 2, insert a manual page break at the end of the document to start a new page.
In chapter 1 you introduced your business. Chapter 2 required you to think of the different types of data you may collect and analyze. For this chapter, you will be looking at the topic of data warehousing, and how it applies in the process of doing business.
More specifically:

Think about using a data warehouse in your business. In regards to the architecture, would you be more likely to use three-tier, two-tier, or a one-tier architecture? Write a paragraph explaining your reasoning.
Which data warehouse design will work better for your business: Enterprise-Wide (EDW) or DM? Write a paragraph explaining your reasoning.
Are you more likely to buy and maintain your own data warehouse system, or use a hosted data warehouse? Explain you reasoning, including potential pros and cons of your decision.

When you have finished, save your document (It should include the pages from chapters 1 and 2.) and submit it in the BI Project Chapter 3 submission box. The document should continue using the same footer created in chapter 1.
Remember to continue with the same formatting you used in the first chapter:

Times New Roman, 12 point font
One-inch margins
Double spaced, no extra space before or after paragraphs
Correct spelling and punctuation
Complete sentences, One-half inch first line paragraph indention

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