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State of Zena ANALYSIS

DescriptionCommercial Speech Discussion State of Zena ANALYSIS, post & Conclusion
The State of Zena’s recently passed legislation banning outdoor advertising for “day after birth control contraceptive” during the months of May – September. This legislation was based several studies which led the State of Zena to conclude that the attempted use day after birth control contraceptives was leading to an increase in teenage pregnancies, which negatively impacted the State’s population and budget.
State Medicaid expenses for teenage pregnancies were rising. From 1- 15 pregnancies in the 15 – -year-old population, resulting in births January -April had risen 5%. Costs of Medicaid prenatal care had increased from 1 – 15 as had the Medicaid expenditures for infant care. Ultimately, costs of Public assistance expenditures had increased during this time.
During this same time studies showed negative growth in employment in the 15 – age group, declining 5% in the past ten years. Female job seekers of the – 3-year-old population had declined 1 % and the number of part-time summer jobs had shrunk from 1- 15.
Another study showed the use of day after birth control contraceptives has increased in our teenage population, however, their use has been improper – often accessing the contraceptive after its effective timing.
An independent study had been tracking high school, GED, Junior college and State college enrollment and graduation figures. Entrance and graduation rates for you females had declined across all education categories.
Teen Pregnancy Advocates desire to challenge this legislation. You are to prepare an IRAC to consider the strength of such a challenge based on the fact provided.
Thiis analysis must lead with a fact summary
ANALYSIS: Post due 1/1. pts Reply due 1/3 11:5 1 pts
CONCLUSION: Include in this post a CONCLUSION Due 1/1 1 pts No reply necessary

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