Business Process Management and EA systems

DescriptionThe first part requires a two-page answer. Using the following references listed below, describe how BPMS can help your organization. Explain the relationship between SOA and BPMS and their implications to each other, and explain the organizational SOA roadmap and benefits realized in an enterprise level deployment. Please use at least 2 references.
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An Introduction to Business Process Management Architecture: BPM and SOA Overview and the Revolution in Business Process Management and SOA : Better Together 2. The second part of the assignment is to respond with a 1 page response/questions to both of posts provided below. Please argue and reassess the SOA and BPMS design by asking questions.Peer 1:1-page answer is required
BPMS requires the IT and business levels of an organization to define and document key business processes, which helps each level understand the business need of the EA solution. The development model aids in the process by separating business and IT processes.BPMS encourages the use of industry templates as a jumping off point for implementation instead of recreating the wheel. For instance, Maxient was designed as a web based software solution for the management of student conduct data. Conduct based templates have been easily adapted to house non-conduct data related to concerning behavior and threat of harm to self or others.BPMS helps organizations find the right technology that address the complex nature of business processes and their frequency of change.BPMS and SOA models compliment one other because they provide a more complete picture of the solution over time. The core business logic provides an SOA based road map over a long period of time and the BPMS based process logic control addresses the short term.