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The precarious situation they find themselves in is far from over. There’s a simplicity about many of Williams’s poems. The language is accessible despite unusual forms and line breaks. Note also how his opening word here gets the poem going, the use of an adverb ‘as’, a sort of casual approach. He captures another domestic scene almost like an artist sketching. Would this poem be as successful if it was in a different form? This five stanza poem gives us Williams’s ideas about the poor. He sees the incongruous mix of old with new, and could be using sarcasm when he says ‘It’s the anarchy of poverty delights’. Most certainly not in real life but in the context of this poem it forces the reader to stop and think and question. The poem is full of imagery, typical Williams painting a picture as his stream of consciousness moves ahead. I can see the old man with back bent sweeping the dust out into the wind which is then taken across the whole city. In addition to his poetry Williams also wrote novels, short stories and essays. 1917 Al Que Quiere!

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