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Hitler and the Nazi party suffered from the fact that they were viewed as an extremist group that was openly hostile to the Republic. It was no secret that Hitler blamed the Weimar government for Germany’s collapse in World War I and the evils of the Depression. The Nazi party used force and openly fought with anyone that opposed it. The SA, which was the muscle of the party, offered an answer to former World War I soldiers who could not give up the violence of the war. In fact, the government so feared the actions of the SA and the Nazi party that each was banned several times during the Weimar period. This negative image the SA gave the Nazi party kept many people from joining the party because most people did not want to associate with such violent groups. However, the Nazi parties image changed when Hitler decided to work with Hugenberg against the Young Plan. Hitler displayed his distaste for the Weimar government and its attempts to repay the war dept to the Allies. Hitler did not believe that Germany should pay the Allies and called anyone that attempted to pay them traitors to Germany.

This cooperation with other parties made the NSDAP look more respectable and brought the German party to the national scene. One of the main things that kept the Nazi party growing and which brought many people into the party was the brilliant use of symbolism. The main symbol of the Nazi party was the swastika, which is an ancient Sanskrit symbol. The NSDAP adopted this because it was easily associated with ancient Aryan culture. The Nazi swastika was black, which symbolized these ancient Aryan ideals, on a red background that symbolized the social ideals of the party. The white on the banner symbolized the national ideals of the party. Hitler spent lots of time organizing and developing these symbols to give his party a sense of unity and togetherness. “You constantly saw the swastika painted on the sidewalks or found them littered by pamphlets put out by the Nazis. Many who joined the Nazis were ex-soldiers attracted to the Nazis because they offered a strong resistance to Marxism and Capitalism, as well as being an extension of the German army.

These veterans could go to the Nazi party and use their skills to help the party and were quickly placed into the SA. The party was crucial for helping many of these ex-soldiers who were out of work and who needed to find meaning in their lives. Being a member of the Nazi party was a full time job and Hitler was more than willing to use these people’s skills effectively in his rise to power. The most important feature of the Nazi party was the fact that Hitler was the central figure of the party. After Hitler’s release from Landsberg prison for the failed Beer Hall Putsch, he decided to focus the party on winning power legally. One of the first steps he instrumented was making everyone in the party loyal to him and to him alone. This was instrumental because it kept himself as the central guiding figure of the party and it kept people bound by their oaths of loyalty from rebellion against his leadership. This kept the Nazi party intact and functional with a passionate leader guiding the party towards its goal. Hitler’s leadership was crucial to the NSDAP’s rise to power. Hitler was a very passionate man who took his goals and achieved them. Hitler’s ideology was crucial to the success of the Nazi party in Weimar Germany. In many ways, Hitler was a cult leader, and like any good cult leader he knew how to manipulate people and events to serve his objectives. All free online essays, sample essays and essay examples on any writing topics are plagiarized and cannot be completely used in your school, college or university education. We work with experienced PhD and Master’s freelance writers to help you with writing any academic papers in any subject! We guarantee each customer great quality and no plagiarism!