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Get help for Strayer-University ACC 599 Homework Help. · Compare and contrast compensation plans, such as restricted stock and stock appreciation rights, indicating the key differences with the accounting treatment. Determine the option that would have the least impact on a company’s earnings. Recommend the choice that is the most advantageous to an employee. Support your position with examples. · Given the current regulatory environment for financial institutions, analyzing financial statement information is an important process and at the same time, the massive amount of information that creditors have to sort through can become unwieldy. Review the financial ratios in the text, and choose three or four that creditors would mostly likely use to make their lending decisions. Indicate a rationale for choosing each ratio. Discuss at least three ways that management might manipulate the financial data to guarantee that the lending decision will be made in its favor. · From Case 4, imagine you are the consultant who has to make the recommendation on whether or not to purchase Anheuser-Busch. Determine the rate of return you could expect from your investment and the method you would use to evaluate the investment decision. Assess the disadvantages and advantages of each investment method located in Chapter 4, and choose the one that would provide the most accurate measure for your anticipated rate of return requirement. · Capital budgeting decisions are among the most important decisions facing business entities. Suggest specific milestones needed to evaluate the performance of capital projects, and suggest some ways to hold managers accountable for spending overruns. Recommend when capital projects should be abandoned due to subsequent cost overruns.

Get help for Davenport-University ACC 101 Homework Help. A COMPREHENSIVE ACCOUNTING CYCLE PROBLEM On December 1, 2009, John and Patty Driver formed a corporation called Susquehanna Equipment Rentals. The new corporation was able to begin operations immediately by purchasing the asset and taking over the location of Rent-it, an equipment rental company that was going out of business. 240,000 all of the equipment formerly owned by Rent-It. 12,000 to Shapiro Realty as three months’ advance rent on the rental yard and office formerly occupied by Rent-It. 1,000. Payment due in 30 days. 8,000 cash as advance payment on equipment rental from McNamer Construction Company. 12,000 was received in cash. 600 in parts needed to repair a rental tractor. Payment is due in 10 days. 250 per day, to be paid when the backhoe is returned. Mission Landscaping expects to keep the backhoe for about two or three weeks. 25,000 lawsuit filed on behalf of Kevin Davenport.

Mission Landscaping had left the rented backhoe in a fenced construction site owned by Collier Construction. After working hours on December 26, Davenport had climbed the fence to play on parked construction equipment. While playing on the backhoe, he fell and broke his arm. The extent of the company? 9,600. This policy protects the company against liability for injuries and property damage caused by its equipment. 700. Payment is due in 30 days. 15,600 was received in cash. The advance payment of rent on December 31 covered a period of three month. The annual interest rate on the note payable to Rent-It is 6 percent. The rental equipment is being depreciated by the straight-line method over a period of eight years. It is estimated that the company is subject to a combined federal and state income tax rate of 40 percent of income before income taxes(total revenue minus all expenses other than income taxes). Journalize the December transactions. Prepare the necessary adjusting entries. Post the December transactions and adjusting entries to ledger accounts. Prepare required disclosures to accompany the December 31 financial statements. Your solution should include a separate note addressing each of the following areas: (1) depreciation policy, (2) maturity dates of major liabilities, and (3) potential liability due to pending litigation. Prepare closing entries and post to ledger accounts. 65,000. Does it appear headed for insolvency in the near future? Would it be ethical for Patty Driver to maintain the accounting records for this company, or must they be maintained by someone who is independent of the organization?