Can You Really Make Money on the Internet? (For Moms)

You know I kinda feel like I live in a safe secure online bubble.

Really. I’ve never worried about getting scammed online.

Maybe that’s naive, or maybe it’s because from the beginning I was lucky enough to find the best online support group for work at home moms ever from the very beginning of my online career search.

I mean I found Alice Seba herself at Internet Based Moms within the first week or two of starting my first real business on the internet – talk about luck!

Today I got a call from a lady who was concerned about just that, getting scammed by a scammer on the internet. She was wondering if there was any truth to making money online. I feel honored that a total stranger who was feeling lost and pretty confused about the work at home options trusted my written content enough to call me to ask for advice.

I really dig that.

And I suddenly realize what a responsibility we non-scammers have to get the word out about real, legit business opportunities.

The lady who called me is a mom and she typed in ‘online jobs for moms’ and said she was finding all kinds of sites talking about how much money you can make but not telling another about HOW you can make it. Her impression of this information was that it was hard to tell who to trust!

So, I’ll call my new friend Shelly (just in case she doesn’t want me to say her name). Shelly had a couple of questions for me:

– “Do people really make money when they join Mom Masterminds?”

– “How do I avoid scams when looking for a way to work at home?”

Both great questions.

My answers were:

– Yes, people do make money after joining Mom Masterminds. But I also gave a realistic idea of what that takes. It usually takes time, it takes hard work and it takes the kind of support you can get from this group. Can you make fast money online? Yes of course you can but it’s not always legal, ethical and honest so that’s just not for me. Do they teach you zero to $100k in 30 days at MM – no.

They are there to guide. They don’t give you a business in a box because we’re all different sizes and shapes and won’t all fit into the same box.

– Answering the question about how to avoid scams was a bit harder for me. As I mentioned I’ve been lucky to never really have to worry much about scams. I had people to help guide me, people to bounce my latest schemes (not scams), ideas and crazy antics off of. People like Kelly McCausey, Lynette Chandler, Alice Seba and Nicole Dean.

I’m a single mom and I make my living at home.

I said that to Shelly today. Sometimes I forget just how awesome that statement really is!

Bottom line is. It’s crazy not to find someone you trust to give you good advice and stick close to them. Don’t get pulled in by hype and false promises of riches. Real people are making great incomes on the internet today and you can too.