Why Should I Become an Outstanding Student?

Just like everyone wants to be rich, nearly every student wants to become an outstanding student. In fact, being an outstanding student is a noble objective, and there is nothing wrong with this goal. But the problem does lie in the fact that not many students have taken enough quality time to ask themselves WHY […]

Rabindranath Tagore – My Favourite Author

The first time I had sung the National Anthem composed by Rabindranath Tagore, the rhythm and the tune touched my heart and magnified the love for Bangladesh. I started reading his short stories and poems, which he created for children gave me real pleasure. His power of simplification and showing the beauty of truth within […]

Why Are Textbooks So Expensive? Part 1

Many sites are here to save you money on textbooks but what is the real reasons why textbooks cost so much? We will look at this issue from three different points of view: a college professor and textbook author, the textbook publishers and the college bookstores. We hope this information will help you understand the […]

Exploring the Breath, Range, Character, Scope and Reception of Cyprian Ekwensi’s Writings

Ekwensi one of Africa’s most prolific writers who died late last year and was buried early this year, maintained a vibrant writing activity throughout his life, publishing a collection of short stories, Cash On Delivery, his last work of fiction and completing work on his memoirs, titled, In My Time for several years on to […]

What Are Homophones and Why Are They Important?

Do you remember your English teacher in grade school or high school painstakingly teaching you about homophones? Do you remember what homophones are and when to use them? When it comes to written communications that contain important and meticulous instructions, misusing a word can not only cause confusion, but could produce some incorrect or unsafe […]

My Little Red Diary Part 4: Today I Got My Report Card

A multitude of emotions and thoughts go into making up excuses to explain your report card before you get home. Your heart literally sinks to the pit of your stomach, as your eyes zoom in on that bright red, fire-breathing failing grade. You felt like you just received a death sentence, because you knew your […]