Examining the prison sentences given by mock jurors of different ethnicities and whether the sentence varies depending on the ethnicity of the offenders.

Introduction Racial bias in both the criminal justice system and in lay judgements has been a prevalent finding in psychological and criminal law research. In particular, through analyzing murder cases in Georgia (USA), Baldus, Pulaski, and Woodworth (1983) found that defendants were 1.1 times more likely to receive the death penalty if they were black […]

Sensory nervous system

Introduction The sensory nervous system is a part of the nervous system tasked with processing senses (sensory) information. It is made up of sensory neurons, parts of the brain for perception and neural pathways. The main sensory systems include vision, touch, hearing, taste, balance, and smell. The sensory system is the center of decision making, […]

How Mass Media Influences Social Norms

Mass media is defined as any communication channel reaching a large number of people simultaneously. It includes Television, newspapers, radio, billboards, films, books, internet, smart media and many others (Dominick &Wimmer, 2013, p.2). In order to understand mass media, a researcher should be able to investigate the following; The format used by the media. The […]