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Get help for University of Phoenix COM 539 Week 1 Week 1 Discussion and Assignment Help. Recall the readings and activities you have completed this week and describe the one or two points that were least clear to you. What questions do you have that would help you understand these points better? What is the essence of trust for a salesperson? If trust means different things to different buyers, how is a salesperson to determine what trust means for each buyer? You are a sales representative who is contacting a prospective client you have never met. You want to introduce yourself and your product or service via email and set up a time to discuss things further. Write a 250- to 350-word email in which you introduce yourself and your product or service to the new client. The email also needs to include a request to follow up by phone or in person. Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you examine your choice of communication style for the introductory email and its role in the sales process. Describe the relationship between your chosen communication style and adaptive sales techniques. Explain how not knowing your clients personality and other attributes affects your choice of communication style. Describe how the sale process develops during the course of an interaction with a customer. What role does an effective introduction play in this process? · The Week 1 assignment provides students with the opportunity to create their own interaction. This allows students to analyze the importance of an effective introduction as well as the importance of communication style to both the sales person and the customer.