Cheap Web Business That is Perfect For You

To start your cheap web business you’ll have to do some research and find your niche audience that you’ll market too. This will provide your site with a built-in audience that will serve as your potential buyers, so its best to pick a topic that is pretty specific (i.e. racing bicycles). Now, while you might not have to be a specialist in this topic yourself, it helps to pick something you have at least some interest in as you’ll have to read up on it. Plus, isn’t the point to enjoy your cheap web business? Have fun with it! 

Once your selected your topic, you’ll need to do some research so you can write 8-10 short, but informative articles on it. This will serve as your content for your site and will help advertise the potential of your site as a profitable medium for the prospective buyers. Though, don’t worry if your writing style is somewhat less than Shakespeare, the articles are only forming the foundation of what the site could be. 

Now that you have all your information ready to go, its time to design the site. While this used to require hours of coding and scripting before, hosting sites like WordPress have done all the hard work for you. All that is left is to head on over and grab a domain. Then you design your site through their selection of themes and stock photography. 

And then you’re ready to sell your site! With almost no overhead, website flipping is the most cost effective of any cheap web business. So, in order to actually sell your site you’ll need to make an account at This is marketplace where you can list and sell your website to your customers, with profits as high as $400-500 a site!