Topic: Child abuse as a social issue – The impact on children living with domestic violence

This assignment is an annotated bibliography.

The annotated bibliography requires 10 references.

The topic is on: The impact on children living with domestic violence

The articles must come from an academic journal or book and must have been written in the last 20 years (1992-2012).

The annotated bibliography will consist of approximately 200 words per article and a 500 word summary and the end.
To assist in the summary and in your reading of the articles consider such questions as:
• Major perspectives
• What are the gaps
• Is literature from a particular period
• Are there any children/parents perspectives in the literature
• Is all written from the view of the ‘experts’
• Where is the majority of the literature stemming from e.g. country, government, non-government, universities
• Is the literature based on research, if so with whom – relevance

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