The consequent effect of Child Labor in the Present Period Child abuse is often equated to violent actions toward children which inflict injury. News and other reports have, most often than not, portrayed the idea of child abuse in such a way that it has been associated to physical abuse; such as sexual abuse and other manifestations of such maltreatment done to children. People fail to take into consideration that child abuse is more than just violence; child abuse can be seen in different forms; such forms include, psychological abuse which stress further than childhood and hunts a child even through his or her adult life CITATION Ste95 l 1033 (Seaberg). Child abuse comes in many forms; in this paper the focus will be a discussion of child abuse and its relation to child labor in the context of the present period. Unlike physical abuse, child labor does not necessarily employ violence to children and sometimes, children willingly engage themselves to hard labor.

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