Choose Two of the Theories (Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics, Kant’s Duty Ethics, Mill’s Utilitarianism) and apply them with a specific purpose and objective to Iris Murdoch’s novel, A Fairly Honourable Defeat.

Papers Must:

Draw substantively (including quotations) on the philosophies chosen. This means developing aspects of the philosophies with due breadth and depth.
Have a thesis
Use specific references to the novel (not just general discussion), like scenes, aspects of character development, plot elements, etc
Include analysis/argument/project of your own intent
Be 8-9 pages long, double-spaced, one-inch margins
Options for Approach:

Compare and contrast the relative merits of two of the theories (on one or two specific grounds) via application to the novel
Unpacking moral significance of aspects of the novel (events, characters, types of behavior or moral style, etc) by using the two theories either in tandem or in contrast
Using the novel to show that one theory is superior to another
Use the theories and the novel together to build an argument about what humans need out of an ethical framework
Can Happiness Be the Goal of Moral Life?

An Analysis of Quests for Happiness in FHD using Mill & Kant
Julius King and the Failure of the Ethics of Virtue and of Duty
Muddleheadedness in a FHD: Which Philosophy Should be Prescribed to the Muddled Characters?
Aristotle and Mill on the Importance of Attention/Perception in Ethics: What Should Rupert Have Seen?
Tallis: Moral Hero or False God? A Kantian and Aristotelean Analysis

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