CIS3003 2016 Assignment 3

CIS3003 2016 Assignment 3

Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date
Assignment 3 100 30% Due 29 May 2017

There are two (2) parts to the third assignment. For part A (80%) need to write a single report not more than 12 pages in the body. For part B (20%) you need to present the report in Power Point with voice overlay of the report to the management.  Read the section describing the formatting requirements for the assignment carefully.

Report Part A (80%): IT Support, Cloud Virtualization and Management

Management has reviewed and discussed your first report and it was decided that the best options for the organisation would be to transfer to a cloud solution.  The conclusion was that the public cloud solution with the possibility of being locked into a provider, possible loss of control of data, and the possibility of having to modify the business processes to be in line with the provider, was to restrictive for the organisations future plans.  The initial cost of building a private cloud solution is high but it is believed that this option would provide more flexibility for organisational future needs.

In order to better manage the operation of the new cloud solutions, the management is looking for a more modern management solution for the IT department.  The desire is to alleviate some of the day to day demands on the IT department.  After some external consultations the possibility of implementing either Software Defined Networks (SDN) or Policy Based Network Management (PBM) have been identified as possible alternatives.

The organisation grew up at a fairly fast rate and has moved through a number of IT solutions over the years.  All the solutions have been home grown and designed in house to meet the known challenges.  As a result the solutions tended to be only short lived forcing a redesign in a shorter period than originally planned.  With continues new systems being implemented providing support for employees has been very high on the list of IT departments’ activities and a large slice of the IT budget.

Before committing to any further development you have been tasked to write a report to explain and explore the following technology and services delivery and support solution:

  1. a) The proposed change in the IT infrastructure is a major commitment of resources and we need to make sure that it has the best opportunity of being a success. In order to make this a success we need to start building the users skill base through training and education. It is felt that the current IT support mechanism with the Help Desk and instructions on web pages does not deliver the expected results.  You need to research and report on alternative strategies for providing help services to users that could help with the adoption of the new design.
  2. b) Building a cloud storage and utilising virtual service type solution provides the best of both world. You need to research and report on the type of virtualisation available and the advantages and disadvantages in building and using virtualised service type solutions.
  3. c) The new service solution needs to be managed efficiently. Two option have been presented as possible solutions. You will need to research and describe to the management what is involved in SDN (Software Defined Networks) and PBM (Policy Based Network Management) approach to network management.  In your explanation provide a description of the benefits of the process, benefits to the organisation and any possible impact on the IT staff.
  4. d) Provide recommendation as to which of the two approaches (part c) you would recommend as being the most suitable for the organisation in the case study. You will need to clearly document the thinking and justification for your recommendations.


Report Part B (20%): Presentation of the Report Power Point Voice Over

You are to prepare and present the major finding of the report to the management.  The presentation will consist of a Power Point presentation with voice over on the slides highlighting the reports major findings for the research areas in Part A.  The report is not to be of more than 12 minutes in duration.  Because of the time constraint you will have to make sure you focus only on the major issues and information recorded on the report.

Note:  If you don’t know how to do voice or voice annotations on power point slides please follow these links for a quick example and  Just a few of the resources available and might slightly varied due to the version of PPT you may have access to.


Please read the next section very carefully.

Format for Assignment 3

Your report MUST follow the structure for a report as specified in the Faculty of Business Communications skills handbook, however, you will not be required to submit the following sections: Glossary, or Appendices. You may want to consider the structure of the marking scheme when structuring the body of your report.

Your report must include references where you have used other sources (both in the body text and listed at the end of the report) as specified in the Communication skills handbook. For current reference style guide please refer to the document online at <>. Work submitted with no in text referencing will NOT be accepted.

Your report must be printed with 1.5 line spacing; at least 12-point font size; and the body of the report should be no more than 12 pages of single-sided A4 paper. Penalty will apply for exceeding the page limit.

Assignments not following the report style will be heavily penalised.

WIKIPEDIA is not considered a suitable reference source and its use in referencing is strongly discouraged. You should use the information on Wikipedia as a possible starting place for your research.

The assignment is to be submitted using a link on the course study desk which will be made available for that purpose a week before the due date.





Academic misconduct

Please ensure that you do not share any information about your assignment with anyone. Do not accidentally leave printouts or USB drives that contain your assignment details where someone else can access them. Make sure not to store your assignments on a computer where another student can access your assignment.

Academic misconduct is unacceptable and includes plagiarism, collusion and cheating. You will find further explanation if you follow the link on the USQ home page to “Current Students” or

  • This assignment must be all your own work
  • The source of all information must be correctly cited and referenced
  • Do not leave printouts for other people to access your work
  • Do not leave USB with assignments plugged in public computers

Assignment that do not adhere to these requirements have the potential to be deemed to be the result of academic misconduct. Please make sure to read the USQ policies.

Should you have any queries regarding this assignment, please do not hesitate to email the course examiner.

Assessment policy

Please ensure to check the USQ assessment procedure

Late submission of Assignments

Students can apply for an extension of time, to submit an assignment, at any time up to the deadline.  You will see a specific Assignment extension request submission has been set up for this purpose.  Any requests for extension must be made there and follow the USQ policies (Assessment:, Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances:

Please note the maximum number of days that can be applied for in

Grade calculation

Please ensure that when you calculate your grade for an assignment to consider the weighting as well.

Important Referencing guide

Please refer to the USQ Library web site for referencing guides in the Harvard style. Go to <> and click on ‘What is referencing’ under the ‘Reference’ heading. This provides details on the referencing of print and electronic publications. This is a must. Failing to correctly reference your sources will result in submitted work being penalized severely.

Marking guide: assignment 3

Name: ______________________________ Number:________________________

Report Maximum marks Marks obtained
Part A: Cloud / Network Management
a) Alternative IT support and training

b) Virtualisation and Cloud

c) Policy Based Network Management

d) Recommendations and Justifications

Presentation and structure of the report

Title page, Letter of transmittal, Executive summary, Table of contents, Introduction, Body, Conclusion/Recommendations, List of references

Use of references










Part B: Presentation

Presentation Structure

Information Relevance

Presentation Impact





Penalty for exceeding page limit–5 marks for every page. Maximum 20 marks    
Total marks 100  

Markers comments