Week 2A Discussion: Power and Control

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Consider Machiavelli’s view of politics, philosophy and the human person. Machiavelli believes that the prince who follows his advice closely will be able to acquire power and keep it for a substantial period.

  • How feasible would this strategy have been in Machiavelli’s time?
  • Is a stable and enduring political order the likely outcome of following such policies?

Has Machiavelli neglected or misread any aspect of human nature that might make these strategies ineffective?


Week 2B Discussion: The Role of Science

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Discuss the role of science in Hobbes’ thought and in the modern world.

  • Can science provide the answer to political/social questions? If so why? If not, why not?
  • Are there ways in which science or technology creates new problems even as it seeks to solve others?


Discussion responses will be graded and must be carefully considered and well-crafted. Students will be evaluated on both the content of their responses and the grammar and mechanics of the postings.Students must employ correct English usage, proper spelling, correct capitalization, and complete sentences.

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