click here to take the peregrine exam

Peregrine Exam Instructions for Access and Submission
This exam can be completed in weeks 9, 10, or 11, but the certificate of completion must be submitted in the “Submit Peregrine Exam (100 pts)” located in Week 9.
Masters Student Registration Instructions:

Click the “Click here to take your Peregrine Exam” link above.
Enter your Student ID and select your Program.
Click “Confirm”
To take the exam:

Select the hyperlink under “Thank you, your course/exam is ready”, then “Begin Exam”
Click on the “Submit your Peregrine Exam (100 pts)” link in Week 9.

For additional information, technical support specific to the Peregrine exam, or answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the Peregrine Exam, please visit Peregrine’s Technical / Customer Support Website.
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