Writing 750 words to make a convincing argument that collaboration is available without impinging of classroom time. Using the article: Find Time for Collaboration by Raywid (attached). TII below 10%.

My note:

Everything we have learned about collaboration thus far would indicate that an equally productive use of a teacher’s time is being engaged in effective and successful collaboration (Raywid, 1993).

Creating and sustaining time for collaborative work can be done in three ways:

1.Freeing up existing time − This approach works within the constraints of the existing schedule, calendar, negotiated agreement, staffing levels, etc. to carve out time for collaboration (Raywid, 1993).

2.Restructuring or rescheduling − In this approach, the status quo is altered to create different conditions that allow for collaborative configurations (Raywid, 1993).

3.Purchasing collaborative time − This approach requires the allocation of financial resources in purchasing additional time for collaboration, or by purchasing a means (such as substitutes or additional teachers) to dedicate time for collaboration (Raywid, 1993).

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