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After completing this assignment students should have a better understanding of nonverbal communication in practical settings as well as get “hands-on” experience with nonverbal signals.
Assignment Guidelines
Your group is to meet and perform the following experiments. Some of the group members should be “actors” in the experiments while the rest of the group members observe and take notes. The observers should note carefully what happens during each experiment. Roles should be rotated so all students have the chance to “act” and “observe.” Include 6 of the 8 experiments suggested below and as a group think of two of your own experiments to include in this assignment.
First and foremost, be safe, do not put yourself or others in harms way
Approach a group of strangers who are talking and stand with them as if you want to be included
Get in an elevator and face the other people in the elevator rather than the elevator door.
Approach a friend, but slowly get closer and closer during the conversation
Touch someone when talking to them more than you normally would (keep the touches good touch not bad touch)
Enter a quiet place speaking loudly.
Go to a public place (campus union, movie theater, etc.) with many empty chairs and sit directly next to a stranger.
Stare into the eyes of people who approach you as you walk down a sidewalk—don’t glance away, but maintain steady eye contract.
Enter a classroom or someplace you normally would go and put your books and belongings on someone else’s desk or territory.

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