compare and contrast Alice Walker’s “Am I Blue?” with Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.”

Your third paper will compare and contrast Alice Walker’s “Am I Blue?” with Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.”  Your paper will focus on how the two essays relate to one another—their similarities and their differences.


The approach to this paper that I recommend is to identify a major idea that both Walker and Swift convey and then to discuss the differences in how they support that idea.  However, you may choose a different approach; for example, you may identify conflicting ideas in the essays and then discuss how both authors support their conflicting points with similar strategies.


This paper should include a title, introduction, several body paragraphs, a conclusion, and a Works Cited page.  Your introduction should include the titles and authors of both of your sources and your thesis.  Your thesis should convey a) what Walker’s and Swift’s overall points are, b) how they relate to one another (or a general indication of their similarities and differences), and c) what this relationship suggests (or what it means).


I recommend that you organize your paper in an alternating method, integrating your discussions of the authors by organizing your body paragraphs around topics.  For example, each paragraph may address an elementboth authors present in their essays; then, each paragraph discusses both authors.  However, you may choose to organize your paper in a different way, for example, using a block method, which separates the discussions of the authors, discussing one author in one paragraph and then the other author in the next.  Whatever method you choose, you should organize your body paragraphs in a logical manner, transitioning smoothly from one to the next.


Each body paragraph must contain a topic sentence and examples that illustrate it.  You should include specific examples from both Walker and Swift and explain how each supports their overall points.  Be sure to discuss fully how the examples from each author relate to one another—are they similar or different, and how so?  What conclusions do you make based on that relationship?


In your conclusion, discuss why these essays are significant.  For example, how could they affect the world outside of the classroom?  Why are authors who are separated by so much time concerned with similar ideas?


When you relay examples from Walker or Swift, you should rely more on paraphrasing than direct quoting, and be sure that all paraphrases and quotations are cited correctly.  This includes both in-text citations and a Works Cited page at the end.  (When you directly quote from the essay, your quotes should be short.  Most of the examples should be paraphrased, in your own words.)


Consult yourWriting Today for guidelines on style and grammar– mistakes will affect your grade.  You are responsible for avoiding the grammar mistakes we have discussed thus far in class.  Do not use personal pronouns, such as “I” and “you.”  Please follow the formatting guidelines in your syllabus, and remember that points will be deducted from late papers.


You should plan on revising your paper several times before submitting it.  You will have an opportunity for feedback from your classmates during the workshop; if you would like me to look at one of your drafts, you may schedule a time to meet with me.