Compare?and?contrast?a?film?released?before?1960,?with?a?film?from?the?same?genre?as?it?has?emerged?in?post 1960?cinema?or?two?films?released?at?least?forty?years?apart.

Compare and contrast a film released before 1960, with a film from the same genre as it has emerged in post
1960 cinema or two films released at least forty years apart. Discuss the political, social, regulatory and business
environments that impact the style and content of the films of these two major eras in terms of your chosen
genre. Make sure that your paper has a thesis and look for a theme that both films have in common as a
“jumping off” point
1) 7 page double spaced.
2) At least 7 citations within the body of the text.
3) At least 10 sources listed in the reference appendix to the script.
4) of the 10 sources listed in the reference appendix there must be a minimum of two books, two academic
journal articles and two internet sites (not including IMBD)