CompetitionHivac v Park Royal Scientific Instruments [1946] Ch 169 (CA)

Confidential information
Coco v Clark [1968] F.S.R. 415 (Ch), 419-421

There is a public interest defence:

Re a Company’s Application [1989] ICR 449 (Ch); Lion Laboratories v Evans[1984] 2 All ER 417 (CA); Faccenda Chicken v Fowler [1986] ICR 297 (CA) for guidelines and for criticism (1986) 15 ILJ 183.
Whistleblowing – Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998

ERA 1996, s 43B:
Criminal Act
Unlawful Act
Miscarriage of justice
Endangering someone’s health and safety
Damage to environment
Deliberate concealment of info referring to above.