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You are planning to form a new Student Club at Open Campus next semester. You are currently working on recruiting club members and adverting your club activities. You will be working on three projects (over the semester) in order to help you establish and run the club. Please read the following requirements for the student roster and financial report.
Student Roster and Financial Report (100 Points)
The purpose of this part of activity is to allow students create a basic financial report using Microsoft Excel and its basic functions. Students will think about what kind of expenses your club will be spending and create a basic pie chart to display all the expenses. Be creative!
Please follow the steps below to complete Milestone #2:
Student Roster Worksheet

Download the “CapstoneProject_Milestone2_workingfile.xlsx”
Go to “Student Roster” worksheet. You will see all the names of your club members.
In “Amount Paid” column use an IF function to display 25 for those students who have paid for the membership (indicated as “Y” in the “Membership Paid” column) and 0 for those students who have not paid for the membership (indicated as “N” in the “Membership Paid” column).
Use appropriate formula to calculate the total membership fee that the club has been collected.
Make sure that you format the “Amount Paid” column appropriately so that you can display “$” inside the column. Hint: use “Accounting” format.
Format this “Student Roster” sheet to look more professional and appealing. You may use any pre-load format styles. Use appropriate font and color.

Budget Planning Worksheet

In the same working file, go to the next worksheet, “Budget Planning.”
Use appropriate formula to display the “Total Membership Fee” that you calculated from the “Student Roster” tab.
Use appropriate formula to calculate the “Total Revenue.”
Think about some of items, events, and activities that you will plan to spend on the club. Then, type the amount of expenses next to the expense items.
Use appropriate formula to display the “Total Expenses.”
Format this Budget Planning sheet to look professional and appealing.
Create a pie chart to display all the expenses. Place the chart below the Budget Planning table.
Save your work. Go to Blackboard, Course Content, and Excel Module to submit your file.

Submission: To submit your budget and roster, choose the link “Capstone Project Assignment | Milestone #2” above. Use the “Browse My Computer” button in the Attach File area to attach your document. Be sure to complete your submission by choosing the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen.
No late submission will be accepted unless you have an excused absence as noted in the “Late/Make Up Work Policy” section of the Syllabus.
Grading: This is worth 100 points towards your final grade. See Capstone Project Rubric for more details.
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