Consumer Behavior

Based on the readings (from Week 2 Learning Resource list), complete the questions below.  Utilize headings to organize your responses.  Research outside sources, cite within your text answer and then fully cite the source at the bottom of your response.  Discussion this week center around two topics: Market Segmentation (which should be review from Principles of Marketing) and learning about Consumer Behavior Research methods.

  1. A) Identify the four bases of Market Segmentation and give three market segmenting variables that demonstrate each of the four bases.
  2. B)  Based on the article found in the Learning Resource tab of the classroom entitled “How Companies Learn Your Secrets” answer the following questions in order.

This is the article found in learning resources below

B-1) What surprised you the most about the article?

B-2)  Which approach to Consumer Behavior Research is being used?  Why?

B-3) What types of questions are they trying to answer through this research (think of these on your own).

B-4) Do you think this type of research is insightful and worth the money?

Be sure to organize your post using the letters above that correspond to each question.  Use paragraph form to respond.   Better responses include citations (end/foot notes) from the readings.  Outside research is strongly encouraged just be sure to cite within the text response and provide the whole citation entry at the bottom of the post.



PART B  MRKT 395 7980 Managing Customer Relationships


There clearly seems to be a relationship between customer satisfaction, customer retention and profitability. For example, the whole concept of Customer Lifetime Value suggests that we need to consider the profits received from customers from all of the transactions over their lifetime. Further, we know that other organizations are constantly vying for our customers. In this conference, please share your thoughts and perspectives on this issue. Especially, consider the difficulty of customer retention during economic downturns.

You might also want to investigate the experience of McDonald’s, NetFlix, Bank of America or some of the many other companies in the news in regard to their efforts to retain customers and maximize profits.


PART CBMGT 464 7980 Organizational Behavior


LA1 Question:


Complete the Big 5 personality test and Jung test given in our content area. Compare your results and explain what you have learned from this: what did you learn about yourself? Was either test accurate or would you devise your own (if so, what components would you include?)? Based upon your own work experiences, would these be effective in the workplace—why or why not?

Here is the link to the personality test and the jung test below:


The big 5 personality test link:


The Jung test link:



LA2 Question:


Review the information on locus of control (core self-evaluation), attitudes, self-esteem and efficacy, as well as looking back to perception. What connection do you see of these to self-monitoring? Why is this important to understand in the workplace? For this part, you can Google online about the information of locus of control (core self-evaluation), attitudes, self-esteem and efficacy, as well as looking back to perception.



In both LA’s, we expect to see discussion to include our various theories on emotion (emotional labor, contagion, AET, EI), perception (biases, SFP, attribution), locus of control, self-esteem & efficacy, as well as other concrete theories given in our readings (not just general statements). Be sure to integrate last week’s concepts too such as organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB), as you will need to do so in next week’s case study 1, and this will help you put your thoughts together.

APA style citations in-text (in paragraph) and reference list is required. Wherever ideas informed your own, cite in paragraph even if not quoting word-for-word.

Use our text and at least two other weekly content materials to explain or defend your points. Your initial response should be at least 300 words each for both LA1 AND LA2 in length to earn any  points.

These are the weekly content materials links, use anyone 2 to defend the LA1 AND LA2 Answers. For link 1 and 2, will provide my info in the email.