Coraline movie review

Tone and Audience Project – Outlining Your final project should be at least 500 words (approximately 4-5 paragraphs or 2 double-spaced pages). Remember, the main purpose of this assignment is to write in an academic/professional/formal tone. Review the concept map you made yesterday in class. Below, outline what each paragraph is going to be about. Write the topic of each paragraph at the top, then at least 3 bullet points per paragraph. You should be finished with this outline template by the end of class today. If you finish, you may start writing your academic tone project below. Paragraph One – Topic: The overview of the movie ● What it’s about:Coraline trying to get away from her evil,other mother with button eyes. ● The 2 main settings ● Why I am reviewing this movie Paragraph Two – Topic:The characters ● How they affect the story ● Each of their personalities,good and bad ● Their fears and how it powers them Paragraph Three – Topic: Opinion ● How this movie is different from other ● Why this movie is an amazing movie ● The bad things about the movie Paragraph One – Four: The underlying secrets

● How dolls impacted Coraline ● To be careful what you wish for ● A menacing mother manipulating Coraline ● Buttons replacing eyes represent the illusory nature of this world and the blindness of those trapped in it. Optional: Paragraph One – Five: FILL IN ● FILL IN ● FILL IN ● FILL IN Tone and Audience Project – Rough Draft After you have finished your outline above, you can start writing your piece below. Your whole rough draft should be in this document.