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If you’re going to try to get everybody to wear blue jeans and old shirts and live in a tent in February, you’re going to divide this church right down the middle. And I know which side I’ll be on. Why should I stop wearing makeup because some biblical illiterate has just pronounced it wrong! Bert: No, no, no…Ethel, we’re not talking about steppingon people’s biblical freedoms. This can’t be a “style” issue. But there are very basic stewardship principles that have to be taught. It’s the principles that need exposure. God’s Spirit will then lead individual people further into applying those principles. Sally: Bert….that sounds like Herbie. Don’t we need to present at least some specifics? Bert:So you want Amish buggies instead of cars because a horse is more efficient than an engine? Sally: Well…maybe we could start with some easy things everyone could do, like buying less stuff and finding ways to reduce power consumption at home. Ethel: OK…yeah…I could see a bit of that.

It would save some money too, probably. I get sick of hearing it. Bert: But, Herbie has a point. How can we forcefully get basic stewardship principles out there to the entire congregation without making seekers and new converts think that this is our central focus? There must be a way to do this. Sally: Bert, I was thinking:most of the poorer people in town that we say we want to reach for Christ are probably living more simply than many of us.I think they resent us for our extravagance. Our gospel needs some credibility in this area. I think we look selfish. Ethel: Well…well…maybe you could work the whole environment thing into a focus on helping someUgandan orphanage or something. George breaks my heart with these orphan stories. We could save money here and donate it there along with the gospel. If it has anything to do with missions, George will drag me to it. Well actually…that’s not fair. I’d be interested in it myself.