Creative Event/Program planning OA

Part #1) 1-2 page paper on the most creative event/program you would benchmark for your future event planning. Try to find which could be adapted to your event (part #2).

  1. Brief description about the event/program
  2. The Purpose of the event/program
  3. Target Audience
  4. Some unique details of the event/program


Part #2) Plan your event: maximum 5-page paper

“You are the event planner for a community-based (music, wine, sport, ethnic etc.) event of Northridge. Your boss has advised you to plan an event for the community during October, 2016. This should be one-day event, along with some entertainment activities. As you are in charge of this event, you should determine the purpose & objective of the event, select location and site (based on your target customers), create a detailed budget and plan the program from attendee’s arrival to departure. Also include your promotion effort.”


  1. Event description (when, where, what, why, who…)
  2. The purpose and objective of the event (mission statement, values, goals and objectives)
  3. Event budget: it should be realistic costs and contain all expenses and anticipated income.
  4. Program Schedule: it should be presented as a table like a real event schedule.
  5. Marketing Strategy: you should suggest all avenues that will be used for your event promotion and why they are being chosen. Use real names of print and media outlet.


*You will need to contact appropriate resources to be able to plan this event.


Part #3) As part of this assignment, you will create slides (PowerPoin) that summarizes your work, and present your event on the assigned date