The twenty-five year period, 1921-1945 in the United States was unique because it was encapsulated by the only two world wars in history. It was a period of transition. It was a period of change. It is not likely that the nation will ever again experience two world wars, fantastic prosperity, and numbing economic depression within a 25 year period. No one who lived through the interwar era could doubt that its lessons, warning, and inspiration for future generations. No other era has held such a concentration of the flippant, the futile, the tragic and the heroic. After careful consider the he statement above, critically evaluate the transition period, 1921-1945. What were the variables that contributed to change during this period. What changes did indeed take place? What implications did those changes have for late 20 century and early 21st century American institutions and culture? Were there any lessons to be learned? What does all this tell you about the American spirit?

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