critique an artifact of some sort: visual, musical, theatrical, cinematic,

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o Essay #3–Using The Critical Method -BELOW

Using your critical method handouts (BELOW), you will critique an artifact of some sort: visual, musical, theatrical, cinematic, etc.
Cupid and Psyche is the artifact to critique using critical method

You will also review the artifact in relation to how it upholds or derides the Enlightenment principles you have been studying. Simply put, you should notice whether an artifact sustains Humanistic ideals, a trait of the Enlightenment, or is used propagandistically to support some other institution above basic, individual, human rights.

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Critical Method

This is a widely used method of critiquing artifacts that consists of four basic steps: Description, Formal Analysis, Interpretation, and Evaluation. It is suggested that you follow this method as you work on Essay #3. There are four different versions of the Critical Method contained in this handout. You are free to mix and match approaches, depending upon what suits your topic, and what your personal interests are. For example, you may emphasize biographical information if you feel it is pertinent to your analysis, but this information is not required. The Critical Method is just a format for asking yourself questions about what you are perceiving, and helping you to organize that information.
You may choose to analyze an artifact Cupid and Psyche from the Enlightenment Era, You may choose an artifact created in any genre (painting, sculpture, architecture, film, music, literature, etc.) how Enlightenment Era principles relate to the artifact in some way.