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For this Assignment, you will critically evaluate a scholarly article related to ANCOVA.
Use the following article for your critical evaluation:
Effectiveness of the IMPACT: Ability Program to Improve Safety and Self-Advocacy Skills in High School Students With Disabilities.
Dryden, Eileen M.
Desmarais, Jeffery
Arsenault, Lisa
Journal of School Health. Dec 2014, Vol. 84 Issue 12, p793, 9 p.
Write a 2- to 3-page critique of the research article provided and think about the following when you are reading and critiquing the article:

Why did the authors select ANCOVA in the research?
Do you think this test was the most appropriate choice? Why or why not?
Did the authors display the results in a figure or table?
Does the results table stand alone? In other words, are you able to interpret the study from it? Why or why not?

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