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I don’t force things, when I get an idea I write it down or go on with the story. I just get so sick of rereading them to try to get the right last verse or sentence I just fnish it off w/o or then I ‘force’ it. I’m not very good at outlining but am gearing up for my first nanowrimo attempt this year so trying to outline in advance. Some people don’t like making an outline because they worry it stifles creativity. However, if you don’t make one, you might just wander round in circles. Somewhere there’s a middle ground and I hope you find it. Thanks for your visit. Not doing an outline is probably why my stories never get finished. I just sit down and write! Will have to give your tips some real effort next time inspiration strikes! MariaMontgomery: Thank you Mia-Mia. Yes index cards can be very helpful for getting ideas flowing again – sometimes just moving away from a computer can help tremendously. I like your index card idea. I also like to use a story board. Thanks for a helpful lens.

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