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Academic writing teaches you how to support your claims with strong arguments, and how to keep your line of thoughts logical. It helps you understand the basics. Modern people get so much information that sometimes it’s hard to understand whether some information is true or not. Colleges and universities teach their students how to think critically, and that’s probably the most difficult part of the work for many students. We like to take ready-to-use information from secondary sources instead of researching a topic ourselves. Academic writing is a great opportunity to develop critical thinking. Usually, academic writing requires you to study primary sources. You may have to conduct a research or a survey, collect and analyze data. It may be difficult for the first time, but over time, it will become easier. How to develop your writing skill easily? We have a few suggestions, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to do it without some effort though. Maybe it’s not the most fun thing, but it allows you to learn features of academic writing and critical thinking by reading texts devoted to the topic of your interest.

It’s not difficult at all, just click a couple times, and check a blog about something interesting. It’s a common form of passive education, and it’s good for your writing skills. If you really want to understand some specific scientific topic, you can talk to somebody who has good knowledge in this field. Such people will be able to explain you even the most sophisticated things in a simple way. Talking to people who know a lot about science, you will learn more concepts, and reading boring books will become definitely easier for you. We think, that you won’t feel any problem to find somebody who’s in love with the dark matter or wormholes, just make sure that their knowledge contains something more than just dozens of science fiction movies. Read your own papers. This may seem obvious, but if you don’t do it yet, we suggest starting. Reading your papers gives you a lot to think about. Sometimes it may be fun, sometimes rather embarrassing, but it allows you to check your mistakes and monitor how your skills improve. Not only is it important to fix your mistakes, but also watch how your work improves. Motivation is really important for everyone who wants to master academic writing. Try to reward yourself for every little achievement, so you would want to do more. All these advice along with your self-discipline will surely help you write easier and better. The only thing you really need is to know your goal and move towards it.

Research paper writing is an individual investigation carried out on a topic of specific interest, unless specifically assigned by a teacher. It is not a one-hour task. The idea, topic, and the sources have to be researched and selected accurately and agreed upon with the tutor. Before writing a research paper, decide whether you are going to persuade or to examine. According to the goal you choose, a research paper has to be either analytical and informative or argumentative. Abstract is what any research paper writing starts with. But there is a trick – it is better to write the abstract last, after you have completed the entire work. The reason for this is simple. Abstract is a brief, usually 200 words, summary of the research paper writing. It tells about the purpose of your research paper, experiment and the results of your research and, therefore, summarizes the work done. As with any conclusion, it is easier to summarize after the paper is written, isn’t it? As a result, your abstract has to be a single paragraph, written in a brief manner, and separate from other parts of the research paper writing. Introduction is what follows the abstract.

It has a number of important requisites. First of all, introductory writing must give reasons for the importance of your research. It is some sort of a hook, which places your research paper writing into the center of the readers’ attention. Any type of introduction also has to provide a rationale. It is what you set as a specific objective of the research. Do not forget to tell the readers why you have chosen this particular hypothesis. Finally, introduce a thesis statement. A good research paper thesis is always arguable. There is little sense in investigating something that is commonly known and accepted. Your thesis statement will better look in a form of answer to any of the questions starting with “why? ” Remember that a thesis statement determines the overall flow of a research paper, so do not make it too general. Materials and methods section usually follows the introduction of a research paper. This part is essential. It describes the practical steps you used to receive important information. Start with describing the materials that were helpful in your research.