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If so, what was the cause? There are 4 Discussion Board Forums completed throughout this course. For each forum, you are required to post a thread of at least 350 words. You are also required to post a minimum of 1 reply of at least 250 words to another classmate’s thread. You must incorporate a minimum of 2-3 citations in each reply as well as integrate 1 biblical principle. Acceptable sources include any of the assigned textbooks, the Bible, outside texts, and articles from peer-reviewed journals. You will compile a series of statements (usually done as bullet points) that will assert the attitudes, actions, and behaviors of the person you genuinely aspire to become. Because of the personal nature of this assignment, you will not be asked to discuss these in class or with anyone else. As you prepare to complete this assignment, schedule several blocks of time to be alone with your own thoughts.

Begin by thinking about your own goals, norms, beliefs, and values. Ask yourself what is really important in your life and begin to reflect upon these areas. During this time, jot down notes for review and further reflection. Take this assignment seriously. Work privately and independently. Do not try to flatter your instructor with words you do not mean. Avoid trite expressions or egotistical phrases. This work must be an earnest endeavor that represents the person you are happy with and/or actually want to be. This assignment is not a confession of your shortcomings, and it is not to be something so idealistic that you would be embarrassed if someone else were to read it. It must be realistic and attainable. You must be willing to put the finished document in a place where you can refer to it frequently so that you can make the statements an active part of your consciousness. Some day in the future, of course, you may make modifications; however, do your best to make it as applicable as possible to your present understanding. Your name and course information must be in the upper left-hand corner of the submitted document. The title must be “Personal Code of Ethics.” Limit your work to 1 page (maximum). You must have 5-12 ethical statements. Type each statement in bold font and begin each statement with the words, “I will…” Single space within each statement and double space between statements. Submit the Personal Code of Ethics via Safe Assign by 11:59 p.m.