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Indeed, the greatest crime anyone can ordinarily commit is the crime of murder, the willful taking of another person’s life. This article does not take issue with society’s duty to care for the lives of each and every one of its citizens. But are there other values which could be considered equal to or even higher than human life itself? Could be or should be? This is the first of a short series looking at the relative values which we place on immensely important elements of our society, culture and environment. This article will focus on the place of historic architecture in the modern world and its irreplaceability, with illustrated examples. The terrible loss of these historic sites in Iraq and Syria will be highlighted here together with other recent cases of cultural destruction. However, first there is a brief look at architectural vandalism before the 20th century. Lest anyone think that the behaviour of ISIL is a modern phenomenon, that is of course, not the case.

Throughout all the history of human ‘civilisation’ and ever since two tribes first went to war against each other, people have been destroying the great works created by their predecessors, or by contemporary rivals. Sometimes it has been for purely practical reasons – ruined buildings provide a ready source of material for use in new constructions. But often it’s been done to deliberately irradicate all that remains of a vanquished culture, or to wipe out opposing belief systems. And the consequence has been the loss of unique architecture from every period of human history. In ancient times it was common for the monuments of old rulers to be broken up by new emperors and kings who regarded the memory of their predecessors as a threat to their own power. And depictions of another society’s gods would often be destroyed as heretical. And whole cities like Troy and Carthage would be razed to the ground to ensure a defeated rival could never rise again.

What’s more, modern day cultural vandals like ISIL are a kindred spirit to the Christians of the 4th and 5th century, who closed down and destroyed the temples and shrines to the former Roman Gods to replace them with churches. All these ancient acts of vandalism robbed Western civilization of a beautiful and important part of our own art history and culture. The spread of Christianity and then Islam had further drastic effects on the cultures they subjugated over the next millenium throughout Europe, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. And since then, the emergence of new colonialist empires such as Spain, France and Britain, has led to further devastation of indigenous societies. Many of their significant buildings were left intact by these empires, due to the practical needs of a small colonial force to maintain an infrastructure in far distant parts of the world, and the sheer difficulty of demolishing monumental architecture. However, on occasion entire cities established long ago, continued to be lost. Cities such as the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, buried under the foundations of modern day Mexico City.