DDB Life Style Study Data Analyses Questions. Please answer all three questions in order in a essay format. I’ve attached a student case that earned a nice grade. thank
1. Examine the DDB data in Tables 1B through 7B. What characterizes someone who wants to look a little different from others Which factors contribute most Which
of McGuire s motives does this most relate to, and what are the marketing implications of our findings
2. What characterizes someone who vies shopping as a form of entertainment (Tables 1B through 7B) which factors contribute most How do your findings relate to the
information presented in Consumer Insight 10 1 Quick note: I attached the Consumer Insight 10 1 also.
3. Some people feel (and act) more self confident than others. Based on the DDB data (tables 1B through 7) what factors are most characteristic of highly confident
individuals Which of the Big Five personality dimensions does self confidence relate most to, and what are the marketing implications of your findings
The questions above are found on page 437 on the link below.
https://books.google.com/books id=pEtYaM2QgwC&pg=PA436&lpg=PA436&dq=Examine+the+DDB+data+in+Tables+1B+through+7B.+What+characterizes+someone+who+wants+to+look+a+little+different+from+others
&source=bl&ots=jEj9CuLdap&sig=rvGikZrWMEgGKAPLtXRmDYWgm A&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwil