Debate and arguments for a sustainable society

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Debate and arguments for a sustainable society
This assingment become personally better informed of the debate and arguments for a sustainable society, whether and how it might be achieved and what role tourism is playing and can play in any such changes.The starting point will be the chapter Can Modern-day Prophets Redirect Society? taken from a book Environmentalists: Vanguard for a New Society, (18) by Lester Milbrath (to be provided to members of the class). The chapter concerns social change, environmental threats, and whether science and technology does or does not offer the means for a secure future for humanity and others. It sets up two competing arguments for social change based on different and incompatible worldviews or “paradigms”. The chapter provides the background for the assessment, and indeed the overall course, and seeks to get you to consider where you stand on these issues, and why. Milbrath raises a number of questions in this chapter on the prospects for a sustainable society, and how it may be best achieved.o Where do you stand on these issues? Why?o Do you believe nature should be preserved or should it form the basis for producing material goods?o Do you believe there are limits to human and economic growth?o Are energy and other resources constraints on human development?o Should we accept environmental risks to promote growth?o Are humans seriously damaging the environment?o What role should the market, government, corporations, scientists, NGOs, tourism businesses, and the public play in these issues?o Who and how should we decide how we live our lives?
This assignment requires you to:(1) Milbrath review and reflection.() Lecture programme critique and reflection.
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