Decision trees and the Delphi Procedure

Complete the second round of a three-round Delphi decision-making exercise, following the detailed example cited in the Home Page discussion.  As before, you may copy and/or adapt verbiage from the example without citing it.

SLP Assignment Expectations

The SLP writeup should consist of:

  • The Letters to the Participants, which include
    • Thanks for their participation
    • A summary of their first-round responses
    • An invitation to submit the second round of responses, modified in light of what has been said so far.
  • The second-round responses of the participants, edited to remove identifying information (such as email addresses).
  • Follow the instructions in the BSBA Writing Style Guide (July 2014 edition), available online at
  • There are no guidelines concerning length.  Write what you need to write – neither more, nor less.
  • In the SLP ONLY, references and citations are NOT required.  However:  If you state a fact, express an opinion, or use a turn of phrase that isn’t your own, then you should credit the source, just like you would in everyday conversation.  (Example:  “As Joan Rivers always used to say, ‘Oh, grow up!’ “)