Decolonization of the British Empire

Topic: What was the main cause of the decolonization of the British Empire in the mid 20th century? -State the question “What was the significance of Castro’s contribution in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962?” – Briefly describe the 2 most important sources – With reference to the origin, purpose and content, what are the values and limitation of the sources for historians studying the topic? – sources can either be primary or secondary sources 1. clearly state the question 2. brief explanation of the question (importance of the question; why did you select this) 3. include a brief explanation of the nature of the two sources you have selected for detailed analysis 4. analyze the two sources in detail, with reference to the origins, purpose, and content, the student should analyze the value and limitations of the two sources in relation to the investigation – six key concepts for the history course (causation, consequence, continuity, change, significance, and perspectives) – try to find books as the sources from true historians – must be 500 WORDS ONLY