define freuds concepts of the id ego and superego do you agree with his ideas about unconscious human thought why

Complete Question:Define Freud’s concepts of the id, ego, and superego. Do you agree with his ideas about unconscious human thought? Why or why not?
Answer needs to be 1-2 pages 350 – 500 words. Works cited section for references need.
Introduce the topic to the reader in 3-5 sentences. Leave the body for the facts. Focus on a strong thesis statement leading into the body of paper. Let the last sentence in the introduction be the thesis statement.
Question from GED 210 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Text: Cultural Anthropology: A Global Perspective 8th Edition, 2012. ISBN 13: 978-0-205-15880-5. Author: Raymond Scupin. Essay must contain material from textbook.

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