Deleuzian Critique of Lacan in D.H.Lawrence’s Novels

My proposal dissertation should be in MLA style in PhD level in English Literature.Statement of Problem and
Methodology and Approach should include application of Deleuzian critique of Lacan in Lawrence’s 5 novels in
quotations.It means we should bring 5 quotations from novels and apply to show we know how to apply this
technic in novels.Statement 5 quotations inside novels and methodology and approach 5 quotations from
novels.Proposal includes:General Overview 2 pages,Literature Review 2 pages, Statement of problem 7 pages,
significance of the study2 page,Motivations and Purposes 1 page, Methodology and Approach 4
pages,Limitations and Delimitations 1 pageDefinition of Terms 1 page,Outline and Timetable,Works cited about
50 references from Proquest with different dissertations,books,Articles from Proquest ,film,utube,ISI articles
with IF